Thank You

Hi there!

First and foremost, I want to thank you for visiting KerlyGirl! When I began this venture, all I wanted was to share the love, growth, and information I had with my natural hair journey to other women like me. You see, as a black woman with 4c hair, I grew up actually believing that my hair was incapable of growth, unmanageable, and worst of all, unbeautiful. 

Now being at bra strap length three years after shaving off my hair, I know that this is completely false! But that only began with a simple belief: that black hair grows. And I wanted the best for my hair to make that happen. Since then, I have curated and evolved a regimen that is homemade, vegan and organic. 

My regimen revolves around my DIY hair growth oil because it is the very first product I made for myself and my own hair when I decided I wanted to break away from a mainstream hair care system. From deep conditioning to scalp massages, KerlyGirl Hair Growth Oil is the foundation to not only my hair nourishment and growth but now, over one hundred other women. I can speak for many of them when I say that we love KerlyGirl because our hair gets the richness and fullness of all the vitamins and nutrients needed with the pureness and simplicity of vegan and organic products. 

Thank you again for choosing to take a look into my product. I feel honored that you have chosen KerlyGirl to be apart of your hair care as well as a practice towards an organic lifestyle.  From my kitchen counter to your dresser, we hope you experience the growth and love for your hair as many other women have with this homemade product. Enjoy! 


Kerlyne Jean-Baptiste

CEO & Founder of KerlyGirl

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